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Updated Sep 11, 2023 3:55 PM

Dogs need a place to rest and relax just as much as people do, and dog beds provide that definable space where dogs can escape or stay confined while they rest. While some beds may be a platform only, others have cradling memory foam and cooling technology to keep your pup comfortable. Add a washable cover, and you have a bed you and your dog can love. Bed designs range from simple to sophisticated, plush to flat. Your dog’s size, age, and preferences (if they have them) all come into play. The best dog beds fit the dog and the room and might look comfy enough that you’ll want to test them before handing one over to your pup. 

How we chose the best dog beds

As a dog lover myself, I combined my own experience, as well as that of other PopSci contributors familiar with dog products, into my search. I also conducted market research online, diving deep into customer impressions and scouring the features of numerous bed brands to find the best of the best. When choosing the best beds, I considered size, fabric, and frame choices, as well as durability and comfort features.

  • Size: Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some brands make beds that scale to fit the shapes of many different types of dogs, while other brands focus on just the pint-sized or the hippo-competitors. I picked some beds that are meant for all-size dogs but made sure to highlight a few size-specific picks.
  • Fabric and frame: I looked for beds that prioritized either machine-washable outer layers or stain-resistant materials. In my experience, an easily cleanable surface is an all-important feature of a dog bed. I also looked for especially tough frames on framed beds, as anything else could invite chewing and wear.
  • Durability: Chewing-prone dogs need a high-durability bed that won’t succumb to teething or canine anxiety in just a few weeks.
  • Comfort features: Memory foams, egg-crate textured foam, and bolsters are a few of the comfort features I prioritized in this list. 

The best dog beds: Reviews & Recommendations

Adopting a puppy can be one of the most exciting times in a new dog owner’s life. However, watching a dog grow up and mesh with the rest of the fur family is truly a treat—you remember the first time your dog walked over to the cat bed and decided they were friends. Along with dog crates, dog mattresses and beds are just some of the best dog items you can purchase to make Fido feel truly at home.

Best overall: PetFusion Ultimate Bed



Why it made the cut: This memory foam bed gives big dogs support that contours to the dog’s shape, no matter how they lay. 


  • Number of sizes: 6
  • Machine-washable cover:  Yes
  • Colors: 3


  • Comes in XXL for bigger dogs
  • Waterproof liner protects the memory foam
  • Removable, washable cover and bolsters


  • Fabric holds onto fur

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed comes in six sizes, but it’s the extra-large and extra-extra-large sizes that make it a great pick for large breeds. The memory foam support can handle the added bulk of a big body while contouring to a dog’s pressure points. A waterproof, durable fabric covers the padding and unzips down the full length of one side. The zipper makes it easier to remove the foam interior come washing time, which is important, as the exterior is machine washable and the interior isn’t. And, if that zipper breaks—or any part that breaks due to manufacturer defect—there’s a 36-month warranty that covers it.

The cover features soft, comfortable fabric. However, that fabric does hang onto fur, which is the one downside of this bed.

Best for small dogs: FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed



Why it made the cut: The FuzzBall made the cut for its soft plushness that gives small dogs big comfort. 


  • Number of sizes: 4
  • Machine-washable cover: Yes
  • Colors: 4


  • Machine-washable soft cover
  • Design lets small dogs snuggle in and feel secure
  • Luxe-looking design


  • Not enough filling for some dogs

The FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed features an ultra-soft, machine washable cover that comes in four colors. The bottom fabric has anti-slip silicone grips to keep the bed stationary for wriggly nappers. It is also waterproof to keep floors clean in the case of an accident. This bed includes bolsters around the edges with little cushioning in the center. That’s been surprising for some reviewers. However, the plush cover and bolsters are designed for dogs to snuggle into, using the bed almost like a nest. This model definitely gives off a luxe, cozy feel. However, some dogs (and owners) don’t like that there’s not as much padding in the center of the bed.

Best for large dogs: Plufl

Billy Cadden


Why it made the cut: The Plufl is a super-sized, comfy dog bed you can share with your pup.


  • Number of sizes: 1
  • Machine-washable: Yes
  • Colors: 4


  • Soft
  • Gel-infused cooling foam
  • Increased snuggle time with your dog
  • Machine-washable


  • Hard to fit cushions in the cover
  • Large for smaller homes

The Plufl is perfect for horse-sized dogs, multiple smaller doggos, or humans that want to lie around with their pups after a long, hard day. Looking at the Plufl, it feels like something that should have always existed. It just makes sense. I often stare over at my dog, Wanda, jealous that her bed looks a lot more comfortable than my couch.

The Plufl’s cooling gel-infused foam cushion helps keep everyone cool while providing a thick enough surface that prevents you from feeling like you’re lying on the floor. The plush pillow around the perimeter keeps your pet’s dog toys from rolling out and also provides a comfy pillow to lay your head on, easing neck pain.

The Plufl looks just like your standard fluffy dog bed, but it’s about three times the size—68 inches long by 33 inches wide. You’ll need a fair bit of space for this dog bed, but the built-in handles make it fairly easy to lug around. And you can fold it in half for storage when not in use.

When putting the bed together, Plufl recommends you leave the two rolls of cushion unraveled and open for at least 24 hours. This will allow the material time to expand. The bed wasn’t the easiest to put together alone due to the large cushions. We’d recommend having someone else there to speed up the process. But the cover is removable and machine-washable, so don’t worry if your dog or your sweaty self stinks up the joint.

Choose from four colors: Grey, Charcoal, Biscuit, and a Blush pink.

Best for calming your dog: BarkBox Bed

Why it made the cut: The BarkBox relieves stress with a cooling gel memory foam that helps to calm anxiety as it enhances relaxation.


  • Number of sizes: 4
  • Machine-washable cover: Yes
  • Colors: 5


  • Two-layer foam design supports and cushions
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Upholstery fabric cover that’s machine washable


  • Fabric can be loud

The BarkBox Memory Foam Bed is covered in a tough machine-washable upholstery fabric. The two-layer memory foam inner cushion gets extra protection with a water-resistant liner. Even better, every bed comes with a free toy, meaning your dog has an automatic emotional support toy to sleep with.

Dual layers of memory foam soothe restless animals. A gel foam top layer contours the body while removing body heat. It’s supported by a second layer of memory foam that adjusts to your dog as it lays on the bed. The only downside with this model is that the fabric’s rough texture can be loud if your dog is a restless sleeper.

Best for chewers: Kuranda Bed – Chewproof Design

Why it made the cut: The Kuranda’s high-strength PVC frame and choice of fabrics let you design a custom bed that resists chronic chewing. 


  • Number of sizes: 6
  • Machine-washable cover: No
  • Colors: 4


  • Custom fabric options
  • Tough, but lightweight PVC frame
  • Indoor and outdoor designs available


  • No cushioning

Kuranda beds don’t leave durability to chance with dogs that get bored or have anxiety. High-grade PVC creates a durable frame that can withstand the chewing of teething dogs. 

PVC is also lightweight, so you can carry this bed all over the home or yard without breaking a sweat. Owners get to pick from four bed colors and a choice of fabrics, including heavy-duty vinyl, ballistic nylon, outdoor vinyl mesh, or textured nylon. 

There’s no cushion for this bed, which means chewers can’t rip out the stuffing. However, it also means older dogs, or those with arthritis, may not get the extra-plush they want. And, if your dog is a very determined digger, they might be able to claw a hole in the fabric.

Best orthopedic: Furhaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Bed

Why it made the cut: Older dogs and those with joint pain get relief from egg-crate textured orthopedic foam that contours and supports the body with gentle pressure relief.


  • Number of sizes: 5
  • Machine-washable cover: Yes  
  • Colors: 8


  • Egg-crate textured foam cushions while enhancing airflow
  • Soft faux fur, machine-washable cover
  • Bolsters provide a backrest or chin pillow


  • Bolsters are only held on by the cover

Are you trying to help your beloved pup stay comfortable and sharp in its golden years? This bed will do just that. 

The Furhaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Bed features egg-crate foam with gentle cushioning and excellent airflow. Bolsters on two or three sides (depending on the model) provide a pillow or back support. 

The bolsters on this bed are held on by only the cover only, meaning that they may not offer the greatest support. However, the cover itself is soft and machine washable. This bed may not be memory foam, but it supports achy joints and muscles with targeted texture and provides ample room for older dogs to get comfortable. 

Best washable: Newton Baby Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed

Billy Cadden


Why it made the cut: Both the core and cover are machine washable, making less-than-happy accidents even easier to clean.


  • Number of sizes: 3
  • Machine-washable cover: Yes 
  • Colors: One


  • Temperature regulating core
  • Easy to wash
  • Scratch-proof


  • Expensive
  • Limited size range

Every pet parent has known the struggle of Barkers mistaking the pet bed for a wee wee pad. Most pet beds either require spot-cleaning, or boast a removable cover. Get peace of mind that your pet’s bed is truly clean with the Newton Baby Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed, which features a machine-washable core and cover. It’s orthopedic to support supple little heads and creaky joints, and the core is temperature-regulating to keep your canine cool all year long. The bed itself is made using Wovenaire technology, which was invented in Japan. The bed is created by extruding high-quality, food-grade polymer into a clear pool of water, which creates a resilient rectangle that’s 90% air by volume. The resulting product provides the comfort of foam and latex without the environmental drawbacks. If it’s good enough for fragile, soft little babies, it’s more than perfect for your fragile, soft little (fur) baby.

Best budget: MidWest Homes for Pets Bolster Pet Bed

MidWest Homes for Pets


Why it made the cut: Quality isn’t sacrificed for price with this versatile, wallet-friendly pet bed.


  • Number of sizes: 8
  • Machine-washable cover: Yes  
  • Colors: 5


  • Fits in most crates
  • Lots of colors and sizes
  • Easy to wash


  • Not thick
  • Sheds

Throw this bed in a carrier or a cage for transport, or leave it out for daily napping. Or do both, thanks to its price that makes it easy to purchase more than one to put in multiple places. The synthetic fleece keeps your dog comfortable in warm or cold climates and doesn’t wear down over time. Additionally, its stitching and construction allow it to resist wear and tear. However, the bed might not be best for older dogs, as it’s not thick. The bed also comes with a one-year warranty in case this bed slipped through MidWest’s product testing. Judging by the brand’s longevity—it’s been around for 90 years—you may not need to use it.

What to consider when buying the best dog beds

You can’t just get any dog bed for your pooch. They only deserve the softest, most comfortable pet bed on the planet, since they are perfect angels who can do no wrong. However, there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing your dog a new bed to ensure their happiness—and your sanity so they don’t take bed-related anger out on your couch cushions.


We all love our four-legged friends, but they can really make a mess sometimes. A dog bed with a washable, waterproof cover will make your life infinitely easier. Check the cover’s washing instructions, as some may have to be line-dried, especially if they have a non-skid bottom.


If you’re spending a lot of money on a pet bed, you’ll want it to have longevity. Otherwise, you’re throwing money right into the hungry, voracious pit that is your dog’s mouth. Additionally, eating stuffing and fabric is not good for a dog’s stomach and could warrant a trip to the emergency vet—which means you’ll throw even more money right into the hungry, voracious pit that is your dog’s mouth. Either invest in a bed that includes structural features like triple-stitched seams, dense stuffing, and a puncture-resistant cover, or accept that nothing will satiate your pup like ripping apart a brand-new bed. In that case, make sure it’s made out of non-toxic materials and cheap so it’s easy to repurchase.


Size matters. An extra-large dog needs an extra-large dog bed. But an extra-extra-large dog? Well, there’s a bed for him too. Beds designed for big dogs often feature more padding to account for the extra weight. Smaller dogs often feel more secure in a bed as pint-sized as they are. The wrong-sized bed could lead to a big dog that’s cramped or a small dog that feels exposed or insecure. 


You wouldn’t want to sleep in an uncomfortable bed—why should your dog? More importantly, if your dog has joint problems or is older, a comfortable bed is a must-have feature. The best dog bed will support and cushion your dog’s body to prevent or manage any pain they may have. Your dog’s bed is their domain and helps them feel calm and stress-free. A comfortable bed can help prevent them from tearing up the house out of stress.

Extra features

Do beds really have extra features? Yes, they do. There are dog bunk beds, luxury dog beds, and heated dog beds. The climate you live in, your dog’s breed, and your personal aesthetic might require a bed with extra features. Extra features may include reinforced corners, covered heavy-duty zippers, bolsters, or more.


Q: Do dogs need a bed?

Most dogs need a bed. However, not all of them are picky. A simple cushion or raised bed may be all some dogs want or need. However, as your dog ages, he’ll probably need some cushioning and support to prevent aches and pains. A bed can also provide a space that’s just for the dog. Sometimes dogs try to encroach onto the sofa or your bed. If a dog bed is available, it is easier to train the dog by giving them something that’s theirs. 

Q: Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

It depends on the dog. Some dogs simply need a platform that keeps them off of the ground. Others have more delicate sensitivities and prefer a soft and cushy bed. As dogs age, soft beds can cause arthritis pain.

Q: Are Sealy dog beds good? 

Sealy makes excellent dog beds. If we were adding the best outdoor bed to our list, a Sealy dog bed would probably be the one. Their beds feature cooling foams and come in indoor or outdoor versions for the different lifestyles of our favorite four-footed explorers.

Q: What dog beds are indestructible?

Dogs always find a way to destroy something, but the Kuranda Bed boasts an anti-chew design. However, there are some things you can do to prevent a dog from destroying its bed, including trimming its nails and purchasing beds that feature tightly woven fabric so your dog’s nails can’t catch and cause a tear.

Q: How often should you change your dog’s bed?

If your dog bed is machine-washable, aim to wash it at least once a week to keep it fresh—and keep your dog clean as well. If your dog’s bed is looking like it’s been through some things, change it. A tattered bed can ruin the vibe of your living room, and also pose a health risk. Taking good care of your bed, and purchasing beds made of high-quality materials will make a pet bed last longer for more daytime snoozes.

Final thoughts on the best dog beds

For an all-around high-quality, comfortable bed, the PetFusion Ultimate Bed gets the top prize. Its supportive cushion lets the dog sink into the bed. If your dog likes to chew and dig, the Kuranda Bed – Chewproof Design—with its PVC frame and tough fabrics—will probably last longer. Regardless of the best pet bed you choose for your furever friend, dogs deserve a warm, cozy spot to rest their head as much as we do. A comfortable pet bed can make all the difference in your dog’s quality of life and help extend your furniture’s lifespan, too.

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